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You and Why Your Vote Matters!


In the 1930's, a Black man in Georgia said:  "Do you know I've never voted in my life, never been able to exercise my right as a citizen because of the poll tax? ... I can't pay a poll tax, can't have a voice in my own government."


Before 1965, voting in America for Black people was extremely difficult or impossible! The fight continues in 2024!


Misinformation is spreading saying that 'voting does make a difference.' 

Don't believe the lie! Black votes count and do matter. Efforts to turn the clock back and make voting difficult is a clear indicator of the power of your vote!

According to the Library of Congress, prior to 1965, only an estimated 23% of voting-age Black people were registered nationally, but by 1969 the number had jumped to 61%



In Washington state, we can register to vote online and voting is conducted completely by mail! No need for a stamp - simply return your ballot in its pre-paid envelope!


2024 is one of the most important voting cycles in America's history. Several elections this year - a primary, general and maybe some special elections depending on where you live, will occur. Here are your next steps!


If not already registered, register to vote NOW via the Secretary of State's website. 17 year-olds who will be 18 by election day, you can register now!

  • Former felons CAN VOTE! The right is restored AUTOMATICALLY once you are out of physical custody. Click here for additional information.

  • Moved? You'll need to update your address 

  • What does voting mean for me? Whom do I vote for? What does all this mean?  Voting means a lot for our community, our freedoms and our kids. A Voter Pamphlet is mailed 18 days before your ballot or view it anytime online!


Don't discount the value and power of voting! A few years ago, a Washington state election was decided by a margin of just 42 votes!