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Joining the Commission

Anyone can apply for our Commission Board

That’s right! Any member of the public can apply for a seat on the Commission's board. The Governor’s staff evaluates applicants for open seats and makes recommendations to the Governor. The Governor makes the final decision and appoints people of her/his choice.

Members of the Commission board, staff of the Commission, and members of the general public can recommend anyone they choose to the Governor’s Office for a seat on the Commission board. Any member of the public can apply for a seat on the Commission board, with our without a recommendation from the Commission.

The best way to learn about serving on the Commission board is to talk to a current board member.

Timing and Terms

Member's terms on the Commission Board vary and usually are one year to three years in length.  The Governor sets the terms for all members. Vacancies usually occur around November, but applications are welcome at any time. Members can serve up to two terms. For details see RCW 43.113.020.

How to apply for our Commission Board

The best way to apply is online through the electronic application on the Governor's website.

If you do not have access to the Internet, call the Governor's Office at 360-902-4111 and ask for help.

IMPORTANT: Include written recommendations from elected officials with your application, if you can. These will be looked on favorably.

If you have other questions about the application, call Kim Tanaka at 360-902-4110.

How to apply for other boards or commissions

Many boards and commissions are seeking applicants. Black applicants are always in short supply for the hundreds of boards and commissions in state government. Review vacancies on other boards via the Governor's web site and apply for any openings where your skills and talents could add value.