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The Commission on African American Affairs was created in Washington State law in 1992 under RCW 43.113. We are in the Executive Branch of state government and report directly to the Governor. The Commission has a nine-member, volunteer Board of Commissioners appointed by the Governor. He also selects the chair of our board, while the board elects the vice-chair.  Board members may choose to chair subcommittees and/or advisory roundtables.  All of our board members serve at the Governor's pleasure. 

The Commission has three paid staff; an Executive Director, Executive Assistant and Project Manager

Board member biographies are linked at the left of this page.

Representing Term
Chairman, Commissioner Dorian Waller Pierce County Third Term: Reappointed December 17, 2019
Term Expires:November, 2022
Vice-Chair, Commissioner Andrea Caupain King County First Term: Appointed January 2018
Term Expires:November, 2020
Commissioner Michael Bailey King County Region First Term: Appointed November 20, 2021
Term Expires:November, 2023
Commissioner Sara Franklin-Phillips South King County Third Term; Reappointed December 2018
Term Expires:November, 2021
Commissioner De'Sean Quinn South King County Third Term; Appointed December 2018
Term Expires:December, 2021
Commissioner Reverend Walter J. Kendricks Eastern Washington Spokane Region First Term: Appointed May 30, 2019
Term Expires:November, 2021