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Legislative Priorities

Education – Closing the Opportunity Gap

  • Support universal preschool
  • Encourage the recruitment, training and hiring of African American teachers
  • Support the statewide program for comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and retrieval
  • Support programs to encourage career connected learning
  • Support legislation and workgroups to integrate African American history into the K-12 curriculum


  • Encourage programs that will address the disparity gap in health care for African Americans
  • Support programs and medical services for the elderly and low income
  • Address the disporportionate impacts of COVID19 on the African American community

Economic Development

  • Support the repeal of Initiative 200
  • Support WSDOT efforts to increase minority contracting and procurement opportunities for small businesses
  • Support Microbusinesses

Criminal Justice

  • Support legislation for intervention, job readiness and re-entry programs
  • Support criminal sentencing reform for low level/risk offenders

Environmental Equity

  • Improving quality of life for low income and communities of color through advocacy, community empowerment and representation.    
  • Work to create opportunities to benefit from the economic investment in the emerging green economy.  
  • Ensure that communities of color and low-income communities do not continually bear disproportionate share of the impact and effects of pollution, climate change and or environmental hazards because of a lack of influence, value or voice
  • Creating a state which all communities have clean air, land, and water where neighborhoods do not determine your life expectancy