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Legislative Priorities

Agency overview

The Commission examines and defines issues pertaining to the rights and needs of African-Americans, and make recommendations to the Governor and state agencies for changes in programs and laws. They advise the Governor and state agencies on the development and implementation of policies, plans, and programs that relate to the needs of African-Americans. Acting in concert with the governor, they advise the Legislature on issues of concern to the African-American community. They establish relationships with state agencies, local governments, and private sector organizations that promote equal opportunity and benefits for African-Americans.

Focus Areas

       Civil Rights     Environmental Equity      Economic Security     Education     Health


Education – Closing the Opportunity Gap

  • Support universal preschool
  • Encourage the recruitment, training and hiring of African American teachers
  • Support the statewide program for comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and retrieval
  • Support programs to encourage career connected learning



  • Encourage programs that will address the disparity gap in health care for African Americans
  • Support programs and medical services for the elderly and low income
  • Support programs that educate and engage African Americans on the COVID-19 vaccine


Economic Security

  • Support the repeal of Initiative 200
  • Support efforts to increase minority contracting and procurement opportunities for small businesses


Criminal Justice

  • Support Programs with funding for intervention, job readiness and re-entry
  • Support police reform legislation


Environmental Equity:  

  • Improving quality of life for low income and communities of color through advocacy, community empowerment and representation    
  • Work to create opportunities to benefit from the economic investment in the emerging green economy
  • Ensure that communities of color and low-income communities do not continually bear disproportionate share of the impact and effects of pollution, climate change and or environmental hazards because of a lack of influence, value or voice  
  • Creating a state which all communities have clean air, land, and water where neighborhoods do not determine your life expectancy