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The Opportunity Gap

There is a long-standing gap in educational opportunity and attainment that looms between Black students and their White and Asian counterparts. Although test scores are rising among Black students in Washington, this racial divide still exists. 

Testing Confirms the Crisis

Washington students are tested regularly by the state to assess progress a s they move through school. The Office of the Superintendent of Public Education reports significantly lower test scores for African American K-12 students.

Test scores provide an incomplete picture of the gap. These tests only report on students who stay in school and take the tests. Substantial numbers of Black students drop out of school between grade nine and grade 12. Test scores and dropout rates reveal the crisis.  

It's Time to Close the Gap

It's time for policy makers and the Black community to do anything and everything necessary to keep all students in school and bring all students -- including struggling Black students -- up to international standards of achievement.