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Our Position on Economics

We live in a capitalistic democracy and must fully participate in our nation's capitalistic economy. Only by mastering both the policitical and economic aspects of our society can we realize our greatest potential in America. Strides have been made, however gaps still exist and continued efforts to narrow these gaps are still needed.

Since 2005, the National Urban League has compiled a Equality Index examining the status of Blacks compared to Whites.

Click here to download the 2020 National Urban League Equality Index ©


 THE 2020 EQUALITY INDEX OF BLACK AMERICA IS 73.8%. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? That means that rather than having a whole pie (100%), which would mean full equality with whites in 2020, African Americans are missing about 26% of the pie. Similarly, a Hispanic Index of 78.8% indicates that about 21% of the pie is missing for Hispanics.


Source: The State of Black America Report Unmasked 2020 Black-White Equality Index, Page 4