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Our Position on Economics

We live in a capitalistic democracy and must fully participate in our nation's capitalistic economy. Only by mastering both the policitical and economic aspects of our society can we realize our greatest potential in America. Strides have been made, however gaps still exist and continued efforts to narrow these gaps are still needed.

The National Urban League's "The State of Black America 2015"© report examines the status of Blacks compared to Whites.

2014 - 2015 National Urban League Equality Index ©


Weighted Index Values

Source: The 2015 State of Black America Report, Page 16

The League's indexed values show that we've met and exceeded the White population in "Civic Engagement." While we may be ahead in terms of civic engagement, we lag in terms of economics.  This wealth gap must be closed. This gap exceeds those in other areas of life.  Economic advancement must be a key feature of any plan to improve the status of Black people.