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Why Students Drop Out or are Pushed Out

Parent Empowerment

Parent empowerment is about giving families the information, tools, and tactics they need to improve student performance and to improve local schools.

Ideally, community organizations -- not schools -- should provide the information, tools, and tactics. This community-based approach is especially important for Black children and families, who often feel unwelcome and ill-equipped when dealing with public schools.  Parental involvement and high expectations are more important factors in student success than either family income or social class. 

Our Goals

We partner with the Governor's Education Ombudsman and others to review parent empowerment models that work for Black parents and families.  When we find/develop the right model and secure needed funding, we plan to do a demonstration project in partnership with one or more local schools.

After we see the demonstration's results, we hope to partner with interested state legislators to secure state funding for parent empowerment projects across the state.