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Legislative News

The 2022 legislative session opened Monday, January 10, 2022. This year, session is limited to only 60 days to make supplemental changes. It will be conducted remotely due to Covid-19. Despite this complication, citizen particiption is available via remote access, phone calls and email. Public testimony will again be conducted via Zoom; hearings and televised floor action courtesy of TVW on your local channel or These tools made it easier for people to communicate with their representatives last year with a record number of citizens engaging with the Legislature for the first time. Sign up for our weekly Legislative Updates by emailing 

Below is a list of the bills we are tracking this session:

Bill # Original Primary Sponsor Description
2SHB 1202 Thai Police misconduct/civil rem.
3SHB 1412 Simmons Legal financial obligations
HB 1588 Walsh Vehicular pursuit
HB 1589 Walsh Physical force/peace officer
HB 1590 Dolan Enrollment stabilization
HB 1591 Dolan Charter schools/local enrich
HB 1593 Leavitt Landlord mitigation/victims
HB 1594 Abbarno Long-term care/repeal
HB 1596 Abbarno Long-term care/outside WA
HB 1597 Abbarno Long-term care/hardship
HB 1598 Abbarno Long-term care/death
HB 1599 Abbarno Long-term care/new graduates
HB 1601 Leavitt Student homelessness pilot
HB 1604 MacEwen Motor vehicle sales tax
HB 1607 Rude Safe routes to schools prg.
HB 1608 Caldier Ferries/employment barriers
HB 1609 Hoff Health emergencies/federal
HB 1611 Dolan Highly capable students
HB 1612 Sells Unemployment ins./technical
HB 1613 Sells Employer reports/private
HB 1616 Simmons Charity care
SHB 1617 Morgan State and school holidays
HB 1618 Berg Election offices/weapons
HB 1621 Mosbrucker Sex. assault nurse training
HB 1624 Mosbrucker Motorcycle safety board
HB 1628 Jacobsen Voter pamphlet statements
HB 1633 Walsh K-12 education scholarships
HB 1634 Klippert Law enf. officers/firearms
HB 1635 Klippert Child support/former parents
HB 1643 Hackney Affordable housing/REET
HB 1646 Bateman Dementia action collab.
HB 1656 Griffey Definition of theft
HB 1658 Klippert DCYF/equality principles
HB 1659 Slatter Higher education grants
HB 1664 Rule Schools/support funding
HB 1665 Rule DCYF oversight board members
HB 1667 Wylie Cannabis business ownership
HB 1671 Riccelli Rx drug affordability board
SHB 1675 Bateman Dialysate & dialysis devices
HB 1676 Harris Tobacco & vapor products/tax
HB 1679 Klippert Abortions by medication
HB 1680 Klippert Previous COVID-19 infection
HB 1681 Simmons Conviction record vacation
HB 1687 Bergquist College bound scholar./GPA
HB 1690 Peterson Law enf. officers/deception
HB 1692 Simmons Drive-by shooting
HB 1697 Leavitt Online services/minors
HB 1726 Goodman Peace officers/use of force
HB 1735 Johnson, J Peace officers/use of force
HB 1736 Sullivan State student loan program
HB 1874 Vick Prof. licensure/convictions
HB 1881 Harris-Talley Birth doulas
HB 1886 Klippert Critical race theory
HB 1888 Thai Working fam. credit/rates
HB 1894 Harris-Talley Juvenile diversion/period
HB 1897 Harris-Talley Juvenile rehab./parent costs
HB 1900 Senn Schools/discrimination, etc.
HB 1901 Goodman Civil protection orders
HB 1904 Peterson Tenants/rent & fees
HB 1925 Volz County park infractions
HB 1926 Shewmake Presidential primary RCV
HB 1930 Jacobsen Cosmetologists, etc/licenses
HB 1935 Wicks Workplace bullying
HB 1936 Dent DCYF oversight board members
HB 1938 Stonier Student financial education
HB 1939 Rude Colonoscopy coverage
HB 1943 Entenman Basic ed./caseload forecast
HB 1947 Frame Diaper subsidy/TANF
HB 1953 Valdez Sensitive voter information
HB 1954 Kirby Tow trucks/transaction fees
HB 1956 Hackney Incarcerated individuals/PRA
HB 1957 Rule Disaster recovery assistance
HB 1962 Entenman Charter school time frame
HB 1965 Chapman Support and services levies
HB 1966 Steele Local infra. investment prg
HB 1967 Steele Nonprofits/property tax
HB 1970 Young Supervision-related fees
HB 1983 Rude Hospitals/right to visitors
HB 1987 Morgan Housing dept. task force
HB 1991 Taylor Body worn cameras/PRA
HB 1995 Stokesbary Cardiac & stroke response
HB 2034 Frame Juvenile records
HB 2037 Goodman Peace officers/use of force
HB 2038 Caldier Child welfare services
HB 2041 Walsh Health care for minors
HB 2042 Kraft K-12 education scholarships
HB 2047 Entenman Fair housing training
HB 2048 Peterson TANF time limit extensions
HB 2049 Barkis Housing permitting
HB 2050 Harris-Talley Parent pay/child detention
HB 2053 Dent Bhavorial Health Work Group
HB 2056 Steele Academic transparency in public school
HB 2057 Valdez DEI in state patrol workforce
SSB 5148 Frockt Election official harassment
2SSB 5241 Dhingra Economic inclusion
ESSB 5268 Keiser Dev. disability services
SSB 5376 Wilson, C Education ombuds awareness
SB 5487 Hawkins School consolid. incentives
SB 5491 Pedersen Waiver of firearm rights
SB 5501 Fortunato Board of education members
SB 5505 Rolfes Farmers market prop. tax ex.
SB 5517 Keiser Cannabis/employment
SB 5520 Keiser Harassment & discrim. NDAs
SB 5521 Padden Exclusionary evidence rule
SB 5522 Padden Assaulting law enf. officers
SB 5523 Padden Controlled sub. possession
SB 5531 Pedersen Uniform unclaimed property
SB 5533 Keiser Online marketplaces
SB 5535 Wilson, C Juvenile rehab./parent costs
SB 5536 Hasegawa Collaborative school govern.
SB 5537 Wellman Compulsory school attendance
SB 5547 Keiser Marijuana products
SB 5551 Randall HIV antiviral drugs/medicaid
SB 5553 Wilson, C Early STEM metrics
SB 5556 Fortunato Eviction moratorium/lodging
SB 5557 Hasegawa New businesses/B&O tax
SB 5559 Van De Wege Paid sick leave verification
SB 5560 Pedersen Redistricting plans
SB 5561 Dhingra Firearm rights restoration
SB 5562 Wellman ESD employee health care
SB 5563 Wellman Enrollment stabilization
SB 5573 Lovick Drug offender sentencing alt
SB 5575 Lovick Snohomish county/judges
SB 5576 Kuderer Eviction
SB 5577 Van De Wege Public safety
SB 5583 Trudeau Census data/incarceration
SB 5584 Trudeau Local elections
SB 5588 Wilson, C Reentry & discharge planning
SB 5591 Fortunato Emergency housing & shelters
SB 5592 Wilson, C Cost of supervision
SSB 5595 Wellman Schools/support funding
SB 5597 Saldana Voting rights
SB 5604 Keiser Contractor licensing refs
SB 5607 Wilson,L Homeless census/facilities
SB 5608 Wilson, L Park and land public access
SB 5609 Trudeau Juvenile fingerprinting
SB 5610 Frockt Rx drug cost sharing
SB 5611 Mullet Long-term care/veterans
SB 5612 Wilson, L DV sentencing statements
SB 5618 Cleveland Out-of-network health care
SB 5621 Padden Water & sewage/intergov.
SB 5623 Mullet Credit history/insurance
SB 5636 Hunt Automatic voter registration
SB 5639 Wilson, C Solitary confinement
SB 5657 Wellman Juvenile instit./comp sci.
SB 5671 Stanford Liquor and cannabis board
SB 5674 Braun Graduated reentry program
SB 5675 Braun Permissible use of force
SB 5677 Salomon Law enf. serious misconduct
SB 5679 Wagoner Elections/voter confidence
SB 5686 McCune Office of corrections ombuds
SB 5691 Gildon Prosecutorial filing
SB 5692 Gildon Corrections programming
SB 5709 Padden Exclusionary evidence rule
SB 5711 Padden Private prison contracting
SB 5716 Brown Breast cancer MRI coverage
SB 5719 Mullet Dual credit costs
SB 5720 Mullet Student financial literacy
SB 5723 Rivers Diversity in clinical trials
SB 5820 Carlyle Superintendent, appointing
SB 5824 Nobles  Dependent youth financial ed
SB 5825 Kuderer Rental & vacant property reg
SB 5829 Braun Behavioral health approps
SB 5838 Nobles  Diaper subsidy/TANF
SB 5864 Wilson, L Unemployment/unvaccinated
SB 5871 Wilson, J Microschool pilot project
SB 5873 Keiser Unempl. & leave premiums
SB 5900 Van De Wege Provisional paramedics, EMTs
SB 5902 Wellman High school grad. credits
SB 5912 Sefzik Children on medicaid
SB 5913 Sefzik Property tax/senior, veteran
SB 5915 Das Tax exemp for baby & adult diapers
SB 5919 Van De Wege Law enforcement pursue and detain
SJR 8212 Carlyle Superintendent