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Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

The Department of Social and Health Services is here to transform lives. Whether it’s helping vulnerable adults or children, assisting those in need, providing Social Service counseling or medical care, or producing research analysis for future programs, you are directly helping clients or supporting those who serve others every day. A diverse and representative DSHS workforce is beneficial to the people of Washington State because by understanding our diverse clients with a variety of perspectives, experiences, and talents we are able to better serve our clients and accomplish our mission in Transforming Lives.

Find a job you’d enjoy by going to  Search by keyword, job title or click this short url here for current DSHS openings

Sign up for Job Alerts (found in the upper left menu under “Get Job Alerts”) and you’ll then receive an email whenever a career ad opens in the area you are interested in. To assist those who have served in the military, one can search for jobs by using the military occupation code/military experience at this website: also view our DSHS LinkedIn page at 

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