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Commissioner Dorian Waller

Photo of Commissioner Dorian Waller
Pierce County
Third Term: Reappointed December 17, 2019
Term Expires: 
November, 2022

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in the military, Dorian has called Washington state home for over 20 years. He currently is a Government Relations Director with King County. He is also a business owner of over 10 years, focusing on an economic policy and development consulting business. Some of his numerous clients include cities throughout the Puget Sound region  and organizations such as Community Health Care and Orion Federal Credit Union (Memphis, TN).

He received his BA in Political Science/Urban Planning and a MPA from the Evergreen State College where he was Alumni Board President and a member of the Board of Trustees. He served on the City of Tacoma’s Planning Commission for 6 years and is a mentor for the Tacoma Urban League Male Involvement program. Lastly,  Dorian was honored with the City Club of Tacoma Dennis Seinfeld Emerging Leader Award and is a senior fellow with the American Leadership Forum. He always seeks opportunities to serve and increase the quality of life for those in his community.